Saturday, 23 July 2016

An exciting school holiday!

Well we all know what people say about school holidays and teachers. This recent 'break' has been a very productive and fruitful one for the Rototuna Senior High School team.

Monday 11 July 2016 Developing our Rototuna High Schools Strategic Plan

The first day of the holidays started with some deep thinking. We were fortunate to have Jan Hill from the Education Group supporting Fraser, myself and the Board of Trustees with our strategic planning. Having the unique model of two high schools on one site with one Board may seem complicated for some, but to us it is an amazing opportunity to ensure a seamless curriculum is delivered. We do recognise it is more than just talking about how things can work, and looking at possibilities as they arise. It actually requires us to be strategic in our approach. Jan really helped us to look at our overall vision and kaupapa to develop next steps with our strategic planning and annual goals. Having an overarching direction that is influenced by community and student voice is integral for us moving forward. We want our charter and strategic plan to underpin all of our decisions in the schools. Fraser and I need to now continue with the process and timeline that we have developed to ensure that all stakeholders have input in how our schools move forward to ensure that our students connect, inspire and soar.

My first walkthrough on the Rototuna Senior High School site

Being able to see the layout of the building first hand and on site was very helpful with the planning decisions I am having to make at the moment. I can say that I feel a bit more confident about the placements of the audio visual and data ports, lockers, greyboards etc. Even more excited by the change up of plans to the layouts in the student services and technology spaces which mean better learning spaces and opportunities for students. I can say that looking at building plans is not my strength, thank goodness the build team are extremely helpful, I think I am picking things up quickly but I am sure they must have a giggle about some of my questions! 

Me, Jill Power (RHS Office Manager) and Fraser Hill rocking our hard hats and jackets!

Developing our team

The majority of the holidays has been focussed on our next round of appointments. Our aim was to hire the eight Specialist Curriculum Leaders of Learning. These positions are critical for the delivery of a broad and rich curriculum. The RSHS Senior leadership team were joined by our BOT personnel team and by Specialist Curriculum Leaders from the Junior High School to assist with our interviews and decision making. It was not just about choosing the most experienced teachers and leaders, but also the right fit for our Rototuna High Schools foundation team. Overall we met some amazing teachers and I can not express in words how excited I am with the team we are developing. I cant wait for the team to start on October the 10th.

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