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The proposed Senior High school uniform

Our Senior High School uniform

The process

Over the last term we have been engaged in conversations with New Zealand uniforms about our Senior High uniform. From the outset the Board of Trustees uniform committee and myself wanted to ensure that a few things were considered moving forward.

These were:
1. A seamless look from the Junior High School
2. Student input in to the uniform.
3. Consideration of transition for those who had just started at the Junior High School.
4. A modern and mature look.

Initial discussions with students

I held feedback and discussion sessions with Year 9 and 10 students - 89 in total. These were students who wanted to have their say in to the development of the uniform. A further 10 students came to see me also to add input outside the discussions in their own time.

After collation here are the main points from the feedback:

  • Students wanted a smart uniform that was mature - so that they felt like senior students.
  • Students wanted to be connected to the Junior High School, this could be achieved through the orange (which was connected to them from the kokowai).
  • Students wanted choice like the Junior High School
  • Students also wanted a formal and casual uniform, which through mixing and matching could be worn for different types of occasions
  • Blazers were a main focus point with the majority of students wanting this item.
With these points in mind a working team of interested students alongside the Board representatives was created.

Michelle Painter Year 10
Mosese Toduadua Year 10
Tane Turnbull Year 9
Alex Lai Year 9
Chloe Hill Year 9
Kirsten Abrahams Year 9

The above students worked hard gathering their fellow peers voice on the uniform and bringing that back to the discussions with the Board of Trustees Committee, myself and the designer Stephanie (who flew up from Wellington) from NZ uniforms.


NZ uniforms provided us with a range of uniforms from others schools to trial. The students tested the styles and fabrics out for comfort.

Community Feedback

Feedback was received about the uniform at both of our information evenings. On the pre enrolment evening the students involved in the process presented the proposed uniform. Feedback received from parents and students was collated and considered in the overall process.

We have maintained the same fabric as the Junior High School for the bottoms. Those students who have not 'grown out' of their bottoms will be able to continue to wear the bottoms from the junior high school.

The students will be expected to wear the top options on offer from the senior uniform.

Final designs for sampling

After robust discussions and review a proposed uniform has been selected. The uniform will now be made up in samples so that we can see the overall look.

Please find below the design boards that are currently being made up as samples. I have also made notes to the major points of discussion regarding some of the designs.

Please note that the colour is navy for the jacket and jersey options. The check is a navy and white.

The Senior Uniform has very little branding. We wanted the uniform to be subtle so that when students are out on internships and working on projects in the community they felt business like and could wear the uniform without necessarily feeling like school students in the workplace.

The detailing on the shirts are also in orange e.g. stitching and buttonholes. The white shirt has the check on the inside of the collar and on the inside of the cuffs. This was to help with keeping the uniform smart and modern but also to help with keeping the uniform looking clean. The white shirt is thicker in fabric for winter.

All shirts can be worn all year round but the intention was to have a summer weight (that was not see through) and a winter weight.

The skirts come in two different lengths, one above the knee and one mid calf. The above the knee has more of an a line style rather than pencil. There is also a trouser option for the girls as well.

 There is no sweatshirt bomber as indicated here.The panel on the sides of the Physical Education uniform incorporates the tukutuku design from the taniko border of the paepaeroa (korowai/cloak) worn by  Paramount Chief Te Wetini Roore.  Te Wetini Roore is a direct descendant of Koura who held mana over the lands which are now Rototuna. Te Wetini Drive at the Wintec Campus is also named after this chief. We will look to continue this theme in our sports uniforms.

We look forward to seeing what these uniforms look like made up and know that we have to get things finalised for production to have the uniform available for purchasing at the beginning of the year. NZ uniforms have taken on the feedback that parents provided regarding uniform purchasing issues at the beginning of this year and have advised us that they have a plan in place for 2017 to avoid such issues again.

Please find a link here to a google form to provide feedback on the uniform. Community voice is important and considered.


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